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3 Powerful Steps to Get New Clients from Just One Networking Introduction

I just shared this powerful strategy with one of my
business growth coaching client (she’s kicking ass!)
and thought you might find it helpful as well.

Do you attend networking events where you have
the chance to introduce yourself to the entire group?

These opportunities are incredibly valuable for
getting clients, more than most people realize.

When was the last time you heard an introduction
that made you instantly want to know more about
that person or their product or service? What did
they say that was so powerful?

If you think through and plan out your 30-second
or 1-minute introduction with all the elements of
a powerful presentation that you would give if on

stage to a roomful of potential clients, you can get
clients in droves.

Consider some of these points from my
Presentations That Sell system that my
clients have been using for years to explode
their businesses:

=> Ask a couple “priming” questions to the group
to help each person access problems or pain points,
or massive dreams and desires in their own situation
in which you can help them

=> Tell them a quick story about how you or one
of your clients overcome a situation like theirs

=> Provide specific instructions on how they can
get into your marketing funnel, follow up with you,
or hire you on the spot. Giving some sort of free
consultation or resource is often a great strategy
for this type of event.

Implementing these alone will make a world of
difference, and there are many other things you
can do as well and really rev things up.

Stay focused, and enjoy your next event!

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, triple or 10X your business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

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