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Text Sells: 5 Steps for Formatting Article and Marketing Copy that Gets People to Take Action

Let’s face it -

If you’re like most of us and get tons of email, most of which isn’t very interesting to say the least, there is a set pattern to what you do. We all do it, because we’re really busy and time is valuable.

“Text Sells – But Don’t Make Me Look Too Hard For It.”

Is the following true for you?

When you get a new email, if it’s not something that you have been passionately waiting for, here’s what generally happens:

First you skim it quickly, and usually without downloading pictures, to answer the question,

“Is this relevant to me? Because if it’s not, I’m going to delete it. And if it is, I’m busy and I might delete it anyway.”

So, is this you?

I bet it is. I know it’s absolutely me.

And if this *is* you, then it’s also the readers you are sending *your* emails to.

When you’re writing articles, event invitations or marketing email announcements to send out to your subscribers and fans, post on your blog, social media sites, or public calendars, you want to make sure you are doing what you need to ensure it’s something that will be helpful and effective.

So write your copy so that people will read, get your main message and take action.

You can’t provide value to them, and in turn get them to hire you if they don’t read your email.

These easy guidelines can help you create emails that “pass the skim test” and are effective:

  • Write in short {sound bite} sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use bold headlines a few times within the article.
  • Use CAPS, ***Asterisks***, ==> arrows <–, etc. to make emotional positive, negative or curious phrases stand out.
  • Use a bulleted list within the article to breakdown a main idea, provide steps or list benefits or challenges.
  • Provide a Call to Action so the reader knows what they should do next to benefit from your knowledge and take it further.

As we stated, your readers will skim your article first, so the main attention-grabbing points need to stand out in a big way to hook them into reading more in-depth, and also to stand alone in case they don’t.

“Text Sells… And Practice Makes Perfect!”

==> So next time you write, DO A COPY-EFFECTIVENESS CHECK by reading just the bolded, highlighted, bulleted, etc. items alone. If the main points come across and there is a natural flow and understanding of only those items, you’ve probably written a compelling article that people will delve into, read and take action.

If you want to really stand out and grow your business, you can get more free helpful article, audio and video resources like this on marketing, sales and business growth by clicking here.

And let me know if I can answer any specific questions by emailing me, posting below or calling me directly.

To your success!

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