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Amp Up Your Client Attraction Factor – an Evening Networking and Learning Event

Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 6pm-8pm in Downtown Oak Park:
“Amp Up Your Client Attraction Factor”
–> Discover what’s stopping you from being a client attraction super-magnet
–> Learn what to do and say so you won’t have to chase clients or feel weird, embarrassed or just “icky” when you talk about yourself and your services
–> [...]

What’s an “energy block” anyway? Is that a technical term?

This question was a comment from a friend on one of my Facebook posts. You can read the full post here, as well as comment or ask follow up questions:
To answer the question:
Yes, it is….
You see, you can remove an energy block to let the energy in your system flow, adding to your creativity by [...]

Can patience be learned?

Someone recently asked this question in a professional coaching group. They said that patience is a personality trait, and therefore can’t be learned.
However, I believe patience, as most things, can be learned. It’s simply letting go of attachment to outcome, healing something deep inside that has caused fear, stress or anxiety. It’s being ok with [...]

Most Overlooked Marketing Tip that Can Change Your Client Attraction in an Instant

Just gave a client some feedback on her upcoming newsletter, and gave her this reminder of the MOST OVERLOOKED but most critical MARKETING TIP that can change and grow your business in an instant:
Remember to always make your message about them – the reader, the viewer, the listener, the person consuming the information [...]

Pro’s and Con’s of Hiring a Coach

Curious about why to hire a coach?
Here is a great article highlighting 18 well thought-out reasons to hire a coach that can completely transform your life or business…
I like that the author points out the disadvantages to present a balanced piece, however, I actually think they are positives draped in negative, i.e. “individual work is fairly [...]

[VIDEO] Joyful, Magnetic Client Attraction for Coaches and Healers

I had a blast in this candid discussion on Blab with Vitality Coach Carla Chrzan. The main topic was the top three keys to attracting perfect clients anywhere you go, and as discussions with friends go, we also went off topic here and there to also chat about how to motivate and lead people to [...]

Why I was so grateful to her saying “no”! (sales, follow up, and being a pest)

You’ve probably heard that follow up is one of the most important and most difficult keys to sales. In fact, I’ve regularly heard that 80% of sales happen with the follow up, but only 20% of people do it. And I think it’s probably even less than 20%.
You might be thinking to yourself, “Follow up is [...]

Use this simple “magic phrase” for easy client attraction wherever you go

When I was 21, I had an eye-opening and business-changing experience in an ordinary, everyday interaction, but I had no idea the impact at the time. It wasn’t until almost 15 years later that the lesson I learned that day sank in. And it was such a small but important little lesson that can [...]

“But I just don’t have the time” –> Plaguing your business effectiveness?

“I just don’t have the time.”
How often have you used this phrase to
explain not doing something that you
thought would be really helpful or useful
(or fun), but you couldn’t see how to fit it in?
If you’re a busy coach, healer or consultant,
working on growing your business and
serving clients, it’s only natural that new
opportunities or tasks can [...]

My #1 business strategy for an easy multiple 6-figure business (or more)

A couple years ago, one of my clients said:
“Jason, for years, I’ve been wanting to do
speaking for my business as a way to get
more exposure, get more clients, and also
to get paid for doing workshops.
“I know I have a lot to offer, and there’s
a lot of money in it.
“But… I’m scared to do it. I [...]