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“But I just don’t have the time” –> Plaguing your business effectiveness?

“I just don’t have the time.”
How often have you used this phrase to
explain not doing something that you
thought would be really helpful or useful
(or fun), but you couldn’t see how to fit it in?
If you’re a busy coach, healer or consultant,
working on growing your business and
serving clients, it’s only natural that new
opportunities or tasks can [...]

My #1 business strategy for an easy multiple 6-figure business (or more)

A couple years ago, one of my clients said:
“Jason, for years, I’ve been wanting to do
speaking for my business as a way to get
more exposure, get more clients, and also
to get paid for doing workshops.
“I know I have a lot to offer, and there’s
a lot of money in it.
“But… I’m scared to do it. I [...]

Do you post your fees on your website?

One of my business explosion coaching
clients (a coach herself) recently asked me
this question:
“Should I post my fees on my website?”
This is a great question and one that gets
asked often. The answer, I think it depends
on the coach or consultant, their audience,
and the goals for both.
There are certainly situations when having
your fees listed is a good [...]

Top 3 Must-Know Client Attraction Factors

Have you noticed this?
That ineffective marketing is all around us…
It’s everywhere!
On billboards, on TV, in newspapers, at
seminars, during networking events, on
websites… everywhere.
On the other hand, I also see great marketing
all the time. Interestingly and not surprisingly,
the bad marketing is more often from companies
or business owners who are having a hard time
getting more clients.
Go figure, right?
As a marketing [...]

Business Explosion Mastermind Group

For: Business owners, coaches, consultants and
health practitioners…
Forming now – March, 2014:
“Business Explosion Mastermind”
This unique, intimate client-attraction focused
group mixes mastermind, coaching and mentoring
to nurture, guide and support passionate business
owners to:
• Easily double, triple or even 10X your business
• Enjoy a growing, rising reputation and be seen
as one of the top experts in your field
• Cut your [...]

Striking the right note with your business – A Client Spotlight

Don’t you always love hearing about successful business owners as a source of motivation and inspiration? I do! And there’s nothing moreexciting than seeing my clients grow their businesses while enjoying life more. I feel fortunate to have been working with Clara D’Onofrio (aka “Ms. Clara”) over the past 8 months and watch her do both. [...]

3 Powerful Steps to Get New Clients from Just One Networking Introduction

I just shared this powerful strategy with one of my
business growth coaching client (she’s kicking ass!)
and thought you might find it helpful as well.
Do you attend networking events where you have
the chance to introduce yourself to the entire group?
These opportunities are incredibly valuable for
getting clients, more than most people realize.
When was the last time you [...]

Maintaining confidence through the business dips as an entrepreneur

The key is to have a strategic plan, follow through no matter how low the lows get (although leave enough space to be flexible and recognize when something isn’t working), lean on your strengths and seek support when needed.
In other words, stay in action – focused, inspired, strategic action.
If you follow this recipe, not only [...]

Is your outdated “mental software” holding your business back?

Did you get the most recent software upgrade, download, update, patch, service pack… whatever these tech folks call it these days, for… your mind??
I was working with a new client a few days ago, and I heard all sorts of “disturbing” language that she was using. No, I don’t mean swear words or anything like [...]

How do you stand out while networking for business?


How do you stand out while networking?

1.) Know your objectives for being at an event – Are you looking for clients? Referral partners? Vendors to make your life easier?
2.) Know what to say – Give a strong, attracting and specific hook sentence that conveys who you’re looking to meet and why they should [...]