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Business Coaching Client Testimonials

Here’s what clients have to say…

And for testimonials for BizCoach Jason Rosado’s professional speaking and workshops, please see the Events page.

Charlotte Weeks, Certified Career Coach and Resume Writer
Weeks Career Services, Inc., Chicago, IL

Increased revenue by 56%; Reduced work hours; Engaging with higher-quality, hand-picked clients

“From the moment I started working with Jason, I knew that I had made the right decision. I had reached a plateau in my business that I wasn’t sure how to get past. I knew that my company, which was in good shape, had the potential to explode – but I was stuck on how to make it happen.

Jason completely understood my challenges and provided the structure and support I needed to help my career services and coaching business grow. With his expert coaching and mentoring, he helped me figure out exactly how to get to what I ultimately wanted, which included reassessing and reorganizing my core services so that I was working smarter, not harder. I saw great value from the very first session, and from there we ended up completely reinvigorating my business, taking it to the next level.

Most noticeably, I’ve been able to tailor my services to attract hand-picked clients that I love working with. I’ve also put new systems, procedures, and personal habits in place that are helping me to continue fueling my business.

As a result of working with Jason, I’ve had a 56% increase in new revenue in less than a year, and it’s still growing. Plus, I’m working less hours – very liberating. I’m providing even better service to my clients, who are in return getting better results. Even though I didn’t feel a lot of stress before, I’m now more centered and my business is more organized and fluid. Everything is just easier!

If you are working hard, but not seeing the results you know are possible and within your reach, I strongly recommend that you contact Jason right now. Get ready – with his guidance you’ll transform your business and even your life.”

Dr. Paul Schattauer, M.D., Owner
The Green Medical Practice, Oak Park, IL

Increased patient base by 150%; Regularly gets contacted for media quotes, television spots and interviews as expert; Reputation and enjoyment have both soared.

“I run a start up medical practice and Jason has put me on the map. I addressed hesitations and fears, stepped out of my ’shell’ and have grown my business using Jason’s simple formulas for acquiring and retaining customers. He will connect you with your vision and purpose so your business grows, while at the same time enriching your personal life. He showed me how to follow my passion, leverage it, and have it payoff in many ways. I highly recommend business coach Jason Rosado to take your business to the next level.

Andrew Figgins, Principal
Blueberry Ln. Web & New Media, Chicago, IL

Business doubled; Work hours reduced; Stress eliminated; Peace and joy restored.

“I began working with Jason Rosado when my web design/development business was in a ‘grow or die’ situation. I’d been pulling all-nighters a few times every week to keep up with the pace.

Working with Jason provided immediate benefits — we were able to step back and assess the situation to create systematic business goals.

A year later I’m happy to say that my business had doubled in sales and I now have a savvy team in place to help carry not only the workload but the business forward.

Jason is not only a business coach, but a social media whiz, HR expert, accountability partner, and client relations specialist.  If you’re looking to grow your business and work less hours, hiring Jason as a business coach is one of the best decisions you can make.

It’s really a no-brainer.”

Dr. Jason Lee-Smith, Chiropractic Physician, Acupuncturist and Owner
Wicker Park Chiropractic Health, Chicago, IL

“The areas we focused on gave my practice a better health of its own. We streamlined and systemized my operations and staff, and dramatically improved my own leadership, self-care and work/life balance, driving up my revenue and lowering my anxiety, stress and time spent working.

Our work together resulted in me being a better caregiver for my patients, a better leader for my staff and and better business owner for myself.

I can tell you, the sooner the better – don’t hesitate to call Jason.

The investment will pay itself ten times over.”

Lisa Ghisolf

Lisa Ghisolf, Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Owner

Gizmo Design, Inc., Chicago, IL

I had met a lot of other business coaches, and after meeting Jason Rosado, I felt he was the one that could help me take my company to the next level – not just to increase the bottom line, but to expand in all areas that are important to me and also give me my life back. And we did do that and more.

Working together, I know I had grown in a positive direction, and there were new things for me to tackle, challenge, and really change the face of my business. And it made a huge impact on my business.

If you’re thinking of coaching with Jason Rosado - do it today!

Projects by Amy

Amy Kinney, Founder and Lead Consultant
Projects by Amy, Oak Park, IL

I was worried because I didn’t know where my next client was going to come from, but I felt confident that if I could get a plan together, I could turn that around. I realized that if I wanted to expand and grow my business in a new direction, I wanted to have more help with that, and that was when I knew it was a good decision to hire Jason Rosado

In working with Jason, I was able to define my direction, client focus and target market.  Because I didn’t have a marketing background, I wasn’t really sure of the best way to get people interested in my products and services.  In the time we worked together, Jason helped  me look at and find new ways to advertise and market my business – and free ways to do that - which was great.

I now feel more comfortable with my ability to sell myself and market my business, set my fees appropriately, and find the right clients that I want to work with, better understand the value I provide and pay me what it’s worth.

I love that Jason really listens to what his clients’ needs are and helps them in the areas they most need. If you are ready to make great changes in your business and want to succeed, you should work with Jason. It’s an opportunity you should not pass up and it will definitely improve your business!”

Katharine Johnson, Accountant & Bookkeeper
Owner, Katharine Johnson & Associates,
Park Ridge, IL

“If you want to GROW your business and you are not the sales type person, you MUST give Jason a try! He offers value, expert knowledge and supports YOUR goals for the results that you want to achieve. Jason will teach, guide, support and direct you as well as make it fun! I highly recommend him and his company.”

Simon Stein

Simon Stein, Senior Mortgage Consultant
Wintrust Mortgage,
Chicago, IL

“I hired Jason because I had known other people he had worked with, and his reputation was really strong. They all had positive experiences and I knew in this business environment if I wanted to stay successful and grow, I had to make some positive changes.

Jason helped me create and execute those changes with marketing, networking, organization and identifying new referral sources. We mapped out strategies to do that, and now I’m reaping the benefits. Those proved to make a huge difference in what I was doing with results that I could really measure numerically.

From our results in perhaps the worst mortgage market in at least a generation, I have been able to survive and prosper, celebrate my victories, reduce a lot of anxiety and build my confidence. And the results have been off the chart!

Don’t hestitate like I did in hiring Jason because you feel like you’re smart enough and good enough to do this alone. Anyone who is serious about their business should look into working with Jason immediately.

Distinctive Coaching on 'SOHO Today' - Jason Rosado & Sarah Traan
Sarah Traan, Small Business Owner

Companies: Rain, Freelife International

Video: Recorded on “SOHO Today” Internet TV Show
(Directly opens video in Windows Media Player)
Show topic: “Business Development Through Coaching”
I really enjoyed working with Jason Rosado, and he brought out the best in me. He showed me how to go from being “just” a small business owner to a leader of an organization.

During the time we worked together, I grew up in business maturity and learned the real difference between managing my business and team, and inspiring them to great heights and successes.

The leadership in my company saw the difference, my employees saw the difference, and more importantly, I FELT the difference.

Looking back, I can honestly say that I would pay 10 times the investment to do it all over again. Jason taught me invaluable life and business skills like leadership, marketing, sales, and so much more that I will carry on to every new business, position or job that I’ll ever have, and I’ll always be successful for it.

If you have the chance to work with Jason, do it now! You will never regret hiring him, but you might regret it if you don’t.”

Robert Orenstein

Robert Orenstein, Financial Services Professional
New York Life, Evanston, IL

“Jason and I worked together on two projects, both of which needed a “jump start”. One was the production of a demo CD for a part-time singing business, and that turned out great!

The other was for me to be more productive to support my insurance business. The results of that effort have been extraordinary. It is now two months later and I am producing record results in sales. I would not have achieved these results without Jason’s very capable listening and coaching skills. I highly recommend Jason Rosado for any area of work that seems to have stalled — he’ll really get you moving quickly!”

Jeremy Rewey

Jeremy Rewey, Personal Trainer & Owner
ChicagoBootCamp and PTwithJR, Chicago, IL

“Working with Jason has been truly incredible and transformational.

After one of our first coaching sessions, I had to tell him, ‘This has been the most productive hour I’ve ever spent on my business. If we had this conversation four years ago when I was just starting out, I wouldn’t recognize my business now!’ (And I meant that in a very good way!)

He not only demonstrates the very best in what to do but also helps me to leverage my own strengths and natural abilities to get just the results that I want and need.

Jason continues to show me mind-blowing and cutting-edge tips, tricks and insights on marketing and sales that work like you wouldn’t believe. But the most impressive thing is how my abilities, confidence and business have sky-rocketed!”

James Grimm, Entrepreneur
Having Fun with Wine, Schaumburg, IL

“Jason Rosado is quite knowledgeable and helpful with many different aspects of business coaching whether it be networking, social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or business development. If you need assistance in those areas, Jason is the one to call.

Hilary Schultz, Small Business Owner
Creative Memories, Lake Zurich, IL

“Jason is very good at helping me answer questions that will move my business forward. The marketing copy he helped me write has already been noticed by my colleagues as one of the best they’ve seen!”