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Business Explosion Mastermind Group

For: Business owners, coaches, consultants and
health practitioners…

Forming now – March, 2014:

“Business Explosion Mastermind”

This unique, intimate client-attraction focused
group mixes mastermind, coaching and mentoring
to nurture, guide and support passionate business
owners to:

• Easily double, triple or even 10X your business

• Enjoy a growing, rising reputation and be seen
as one of the top experts in your field

• Cut your work hours, anxiety, stress and worry

• Feel the pride, satisfaction & amazing joy of
exploding your business while serving others and
upgrading your lifestyle

Is this just what you need to see you business explode?

See more details here:

Call or message me to see if this 6-month
step-by-step program is a fit for the growth
you deeply want for your business. We’ll
briefly talk about your goals, challenges and
see if this will help your business or practice
have an explosion like you’ve never seen before.

To your success,

Jason Rosado

Business Explosion Coach
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success

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