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Do you post your fees on your website?

One of my business explosion coaching
clients (a coach herself) recently asked me
this question:

“Should I post my fees on my website?”

This is a great question and one that gets
asked often. The answer, I think it depends
on the coach or consultant, their audience,
and the goals for both.

There are certainly situations when having
your fees listed is a good business practice,
such as your practice is full, almost full, or
you have a waiting list of potential clients;
you have some “lower-tier”, entry-level
programs that the value and benefits are easy
to communicate in writing; or certain other

However, as a general rule for 1-on-1 coaching
or consulting, especially if you’re still working
on growing your business, I think it’s better not
to have your fees listed.

It’s much better to create a marketing system
to capture people who have an interest -
immediate or future – and respectfully move
them through a laid-out process of getting to
know you, your work and your value, while
they filter themselves in or out of being a
great client for you.

With a lot of my clients, one of the first things
we work on is raising their fees. So many
people are charging too little
but don’t know
it, or are fearful of charging more – I know,
because I’ve been there myself. Having fees
listed on their website can hurt a lot of great
client attraction, sales and pricing strategies
that have helped my clients to double, triple
or more their business, and magnify the good
they can do in the world.

As you may know, I specialize in working with
coaches, consultants and holistic practitioners
to help them explode their business.

I’d be happy to chat with you if you are
curious about attracting top clients,
communicating your pricing, or raising
your fees.

Call or email me, and we’ll get your business
moving forward quickly and easily.

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Explosion Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach
- Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, Triple or 10 X Your Business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

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