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Upcoming Events:

What’s your biggest client attraction question, challenge or block? What’s holding you back from pulling in perfect clients like crazy?

“Amp Up Your Client Attraction Factor”

Come join us and get the answers that will propel you and your business forward.

–> Discover what’s stopping you from being a client attraction super-magnet

–> Learn what to do and say so you won’t have to chase clients or feel weird, embarrassed or just “icky” when you talk about yourself and your services

–> Find out how to speak the same language as your perfect ideal client whether it’s in-person conversations, over email, on social media, or even from stage, so they instantly “get you”, want to know more and are ready to hire you.

A lively group discussion and workshop session where you’ll have the chance to ask your pressing marketing and sales questions and “pick the brain” of Jason Rosado, business coach and client attraction expert…

Hosted by Robin Lockhart of Regus Oak Park Business Center

More info and RSVP:


Want more sizzle in your events and meetings?

Call (773) 829-1276 to have Jason present on a current business growth topic at your next team meeting or business networking event.

"Create Your Perfect Marketing Plan" - Nov, 2009

Have Biz Coach Jason speak at your event!

I am available for speaking at networking events, meetings, workshops and seminars on small business growth topics.  My energetic, engaging style invites interest and immediate application of principles to current business opportunities.

Keynotes, Workshops and Breakout Sessions

“If you want people to really learn, take action and get results,
then simply providing information just won’t do.” – Jason Rosado

My passion as a skilled speaker and facilitator is to not only provide expert information, but to create an environment of connection, dialog and understanding leading to immediate and tangible results.

Whether your group is 20 or 200, every audience member will walk away feeling as though they had a one-on-one strategy session to sharpen their skills, strengthen their motivation, and create an individualized action plan to achieve the pinnacle of success they want in their business and beyond.

Customizable Speaking Topics:

  • “Network Like the Pro’s and Explode Your Business”
    - Including five online and offline secrets of the sensational networker guaranteed to get results.
  • “Creating Marketing Magic to Grow Your Business & Change the World”
    - Marketing needs to be systematic and fun for you. Discover simple, inexpensive marketing strategies that use less of your time, get you more sales, and attract your perfect clients so you can fill your business, get paid what you’re worth, and help to change the world by magnifying your expertise.
  • “Tower Leadership – Propel Your Staff and Your Business to New Fantastic Heights”
    - So you can have your life back, grow your business, and serve more people, while enjoying it all immensely.
  • “The Fastest Way to Close Using the AWARE Sales System”
    - Forget “ABC” or traditional closing. Create a win-win experience that will get a “yes” on the spot!
  • “Master Your Psychology and Get Ready for the Happiest Ride Ever”
    - Get out of your head and make the long-lasting mental shifts you need for massive success – smoothly, easily and quickly.

These small business, marketing and sales topics can be customized to fit your specific company, industry or meeting theme. Depending on the desired level of instruction and audience sophistication, presentations can be tailored to run from a 30 minute keynote to a full day workshop or seminar.

If you want to have your group’s attention, enthusiasm and admiration, then contact me to find out how we can educate, motivate and propel your group, team or event-goers to reach incredible, new heights of success! And they will love you for it.

I can even provide you powerful marketing tools and resources to drive event attendance and ensure it’s an experience that guests will remember and enjoy!

“Thanks so much for speaking at today’s Luncheon - you definitely helped a lot people. And your promotion really jump-started our attendance!! It will be hard to follow in your footsteps now.”
- Susan Barahia, Business Network Chicago Entrepreneur Group

I look forward to working with you to make your event a huge success!

Biz Coach Jason

Session Reviews & Testimonials


“Speed Networking for the 21st Century”

Joint event with Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce

This is not the same old networking event you’ve been to before…..
• “Strategic Speed Networking” – Connecting like you’ve never seen before (fun new twists and turns on this old get-to-know-you speed favorite)
• “5 Secrets for Successful Networking in the 21st Century” – Short hands-on presentation to make sure you’re a powerful, business-generating networking machine
• Make fantastic connections from OPRF Chamber Members and OPSB Meetup Members


The Fight for Talent: How Small Businesses Can Win (and Win BIG) – FREE EVENT

Join the Chicago Business Development Forum this March for our session all about talent – how to attract, retain and develop one of the most critical assets within your small business.

• Navigate Chicago’s talent pool to find the right people for the growth of your business
• Grow your business from the inside out by developing your staff and avoiding “nightmare employees” that raid your coffers and keep your business stagnant
• Reduce employee turnover and build a team of growth-oriented, motivated high-performers by Implementing the “Three Steps to Leadership that Counts” instead of losing ground with the unfortunate more common practice of “Leadership that Costs.”


Seven Secrets of Social Networking to Boost Your Business, Magnetize Your Marketing, and Bring in More Sales”

Event with Borders Business First Fridays and Oak Park Area Small Business Owners, and organized by The Lillian Flowers Group.

- “This was a powerful presentation. Jason came across with some really valuable information, and he did it in an engaging, low-key style which is his trademark. Great stuff!” – E.M.

- “Fantastic presentation. Jason covered the social networking aspects very well that people can apply to do marketing for their business. He knows this subject well, and I am glad that I came tonight.” – Anonymous

- “Jason does an excellent job, not just in his presentation, but also in answering questions.” – Anonymous

- “Great job, Jason! I thought I already knew a lot, but I definitely learned a lot more tonight! I appreciate it and look forward to implementing it to improve my business and website traffic.” – C.I.

- “Very informative, lots of good stuff in a clear concise manner. Thank you!” – Anonymous

- “Jason was so genuine! I appreciated his vast expertise and his willingness to share it. I walked away with new courage – and to prove it – here I am (posting on social networking sites).” – Lillian Flowers, Event Organizer


“Network Like the Pro’s and Explode Your Business!”

We had over 100 small business owners register for this join event with the Oak Park – River Forest Chamber of Commerce and the Oak Park Area Small Business Owners, with a waiting list of 20. Here are just a few of the comments from the guests:

- “Outstanding event and great presentation. Solid information with actual steps to take…not just theory!!! Great Job! I look forward to your next presentation!!” – M.D.

- “It was very beneficial! Your program content was clear and concise and quite thought provoking. I’m still refining my ‘hook’! Also, I met a few really cool people, which I hope to see again.” – C.A.

- “Thank you for a great networking event and presentation!” - M.L.

- “Nice job with the presentation tonight and thanks again for the invite. The buzz in the crowd seemed to be very positive and there were a lot of people using the worksheets.” - B.P.

- “Thank you for the excellent presentation and audience interaction. I learned some new things to try, and I enjoyed being able to share my experiences.” - D.N.

- “Thank you for a great presentation and the opportunity to ‘network like a pro’ at last night’s Chamber event! I learned, I laughed, I made great connections, and I won a prize. What could be better?” - D.G.

- “The workshop was so effective! The information you shared, and the opportunity you gave attendees to work together took the event over the top! Thank you – it was wonderful.” - B.H.

- “I learned so much about networking from the lecture and from the exercises themselves. This was REALLY helpful! - E.M.


“Create Your 2010 Success Story”

Jason, Create Your 2010 Success Story - Jan 2010 - 5

Thanks so much again for your outstanding program. It was very well received, and I know people found it very helpful.

Please share this recommendation with others, so they may also enjoy your wonderful programs!

I stumbled upon Jason’s website while planning a program for our “SuccessNet – Networking with Purpose” group and was very impressed with what I found. We spoke about him presenting his motivational topic: “Create Your 2010 Success Story.” He agreed, and I was thrilled with the results.

Jason was well organized and highly professional, and gave an exceptional presentation. He is obviously a pro and was able to adapt to room set up limitations and food servers. With his warm personality he engaged the audience in practical, yet introspective exercises that required participants to look at the big picture – the end result for starters. He then had us address blocks and barriers to achieving our success. To take a hard look at what we need to accomplish this and set some goals.

His previous business experience coupled with coaches training and experience showed strongly. I highly recommend Jason as a presenter who can help people achieve high goals in their business.

Jacqui Neurauter
SuccessNet – Networking with Purpose


“Put the FUN back in ‘Funnel’ – And Create Your Perfect Marketing Plan”


Great presentation at the Never Eat Alone Networking Luncheon event today! The topic of choice – “Put the Fun in ‘Funnel’ and Craft Your Perfect Marketing Plan” could not have been timed more perfectly to kickoff the New Year with momentum.

Your demeanor and style kept everyone in attendance engaged and creating great interaction. I look forward to having you come out and speak again in the very near future. Take care.

Marson Maynor
Never Eat Alone Networking Luncheon

“Great presentation and great company as usual. Please keep up the good work.”
- Michael S.

“Jason Rosado knows his stuff and is on top of current trends. Awesome job Jason and thanks for blessing us!! ”
- Michael H.

“Jason’s presentation was outstanding!”
- Marson M.

“I had a great time at the Meetup. I’m looking forward to building my business, your presentation was very helpful. Thanks!”
- Charissa Z.


“Developing Effective Leadership for Small Business Owners”

“I gained many insights regarding leadership in the current day business environment – what’s workable and what’s not, what’s missing in the effectiveness of my own style and what to focus on changing. It added great dimensions, in a real and practical sense, to the re-shaping of the team in my company.”
- Jane W.


“Networking that Counts: Five Secrets of the Sensational Networker”

I want to send a big thank you to “Biz Coach Jason” Rosado for his great talk on “Networking that Counts: Five Secrets of the Sensational Networker” at the August 27 Kickoff Meeting of Connecters Networking Groups, Oak Park-River Forest-Forest Park Chapter.

Jason’s interactive style helped engage and energize our group, and the information he shared was very useful for anyone interested in networking.  We’re looking forward to the opportunity to hear Jason speak again on other topics in the future!

Karin Grimes
Chapter Owner,
Connecters of Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park


“Untangling the Social Networking Web: FACEBOOK for Fun and Profit!”

Workshop Reviews:

“The workshop was very helpful. I learned of ideas to expand my business by using internet sites. What sites to use how to start up and how to proceed. I would recommend this to help your business grow with today’s market.
- Barb T.

“Jason was once again great at helping us understand how to market ourselves on Facebook and the best ways to go about it. There is a lot to learn and it just takes some time and patience to learn how this medium can work for you. Looking forward to starting my own FB group. Thanks Jason!”
- Karen M.

Jason did a great job of managing many different levels of experience with Facebook and Internet marketing. He was thrown a curve ball when the facility’s bandwidth made it difficult to get online. He utilized his mobile device’s modem, and he saved the day and showed the group new practical ideas for marketing.

I liked that he discussed the fine line between marketing and being annoying or spam-like with the Internet and highlighted the importance of being true to yourself and coming from an honest place while marketing your business.”
- Mitch H.


“Break the Ice on Social Networking: Let’s Get YOU Up and Running, Productive and Profitable!”

“BizCoach” Jason Rosado did a slam bang up job of explaining to everyone WHY social networking is so valuable to our businesses!

He led us through the steps of how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Meetup sites for business growth and showed why social networking is a HUGELY important tool for growing our business!

Jason put together an amazing PowerPoint program to teach with. He covered much more than just social networking. He showed how this fits into our overall strategies for networking, marketing and sales.

Everyone was completely engaged! Jason did a great job of keeping us focused and on-point.

He is so knowledgeable in his field, and he makes learning and understanding so easy and fun!

As a direct result of the success of this workshop, it will be offered again AND 5 more of Jason’s workshops are in development for our business networkers!

Fena D’Ottavio
Event Organizer
Connecters Business Networking

Attendee Reviews:

“Great job to our hosts! There is SO much information that even if you did miss this meeting, you can STILL learn more at future mini-courses. This is a necessary informative platform that we all should use and understand. Jason is the BEST coach and very interactive!”
- Karen M.

“Great session on Saturday. I feel more motivated to try again with the online social networking sites. My takeaway from that workshop is that if you are not doing the right things, you won’t get business, but if you’re doing all the right stuff you WILL and it will be worth it.”
- Hilary S.

“A great first meeting about how to market your business on the internet using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Meetup. If you are like me who is just starting out in business and are not familiar on how to market your business or how to present your product to potential customers, valuable tools were taught here.”
- Steve A.

“I learned a lot at the meeting. Thanks Fena and Jason, looking forward to the next one. GREAT INFO!!
-David P.

The networking opportunity at the meeting was just as valuable as the content we were learning. I enjoyed the people I met and the mutual feedback we gave each other. I am looking forward to our next meeting, and I plan to invite friends.”
- Karin G.


“Taking the Bite and Fright out of Sales and Marketing”


Thank you for your EXCELLENT PRESENTATION at our event on March 28! You are an amazing speaker and motivator.

I believe our attendees at “Local, Global & Green 2009″ benefited greatly from your session on sales and marketing. I know I have, and I have also begun to re-think and re-focus my sales and marketing strategies using the ideas, principles and philosophies you shared.


James Villar
Executive Director
Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago


“Applying Networking Skills & Strategies to Grow Club Membership”

Dear Mr. Rosado,

Thank you for your informative and engaging presentation at our Rotary Club.  In the short time of your 30 minute presentation, we found that you have a fresh and insightful perspective on networking and business coaching. The entire club was focused on your message, and many people had questions and comments after the meeting was over. Your insight into social interaction and the process of networking was refreshing.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have heard many people speak on this topic. Jason’s approach is unique and his style invites people to answer their own questions. As an educator, I know that his is the best way to help people understand the “how” and the “why” rather than simply memorizing the answers. It was definitely one of the more educational and practical presentations that we have had this year. I believe that Jason’s knowledge and ability to connect with people are an asset to any company that makes use of his services.

Thanks again, and we’d love to have you back for a follow-up visit and any new developments in the field. Good show!

Best Regards,

Rtn. Atul Mark Kaushal, MD
President 2008-2009
Rotary Club of Skokie Valley


“Understanding and Communicating your Message and Brand”


Thanks for speaking to my College Success Seminar. You were great with our group of college students, providing valuable insight, tips and strategies for networking and getting their message out.

From feedback I received afterwards, you helped them understand the importance of networking and relationship building. You also helped them develop targeted marketing messages to be used in writing as well as in-person interactions. Your interactive style did a great job of inviting discussion and interest.

Thanks again,

Daniel Mulvihill
Malcolm X College Library, Chicago IL


“Supercharge Your Networking & Sales Workshop”

Dear Jason,

‘Supercharge Your Networking & Sales’ was the best investment and the most value I’ve received in a long time regarding professional education. I cannot thank you enough for this networking and sales seminar. I learned a lot about the process, what to do, what to say, and I feel more confident than ever about going out and meeting new people to grow my business.

This was simply the best money I’ve ever spent! I look forward to future events from you and plan on attending each one of your topics.

Katharine Johnson
Accountant & Bookkeeper
Owner, Katharine Johnson & Associates


“If we build it together, our successes will be exponential!”