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Distinctive Coaching for Business Success - Oak Park/Chicago, IL and Beyond http://www.distinctivecoaching.com for Business Success - (773) 829-1276 Sat, 14 Jun 2014 14:59:49 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.9.2 en hourly 1 My #1 business strategy for an easy multiple 6-figure business (or more) http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/my-1-business-strategy-for-an-easy-multiple-6-figure-business-or-more/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/my-1-business-strategy-for-an-easy-multiple-6-figure-business-or-more/#comments Fri, 13 Jun 2014 22:09:52 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1822 A couple years ago, one of my clients said:

“Jason, for years, I’ve been wanting to do
speaking for my business as a way to get
more exposure, get more clients, and also
to get paid for doing workshops.

“I know I have a lot to offer, and there’s
a lot of money in it.

“But… I’m scared to do it. I get really nervous.
And I keep thinking about all the events I’ve
been to over the years, and most of them

“I’d say about 75% weren’t worth the money
or time I spent to go there.

“20% were Ok, but I didn’t get a lot out of them.

“And only 5% were good enough that I was
happy that I went.”

My reply to Jim was simple:

“Then let’s get you into that 5% and without
any anxiety or fear, starting right now.”

You see, even with no prior experience, being
in the elite 5% of speakers, creating a raving
audience and getting paid multiple thousands
of dollars by selling your services, programs
or products is actually really easy to do.

The problem is that even experienced
presenters make a costly mistake or two
along the way in planning or delivering their
talks – or often both.

But these mistakes are easily correctable
before the event, no matter your level of
experience, your comfort level with speaking,
or even the size of your audience, and I’ve
been helping clients do this for years.

Short, powerful talks to small groups can
yield thousands of dollars or more if you
become familiar with a few key points that
lead to huge returns and lots of success.
I do these all the time – 30 minutes, 20
minutes, 15 minutes and sometimes even
two minutes or less, and they are incredible
money makers.

And I LOVE seeing my clients do them, too.
In fact, I love seeing ALL passionate, caring
business owners do them. Because if you
are passionate and caring about serving your
clients, you already have the critical
foundation in place to be really successful.

And that’s why I’m hosting a very special
online event in a few days…

— Previously $600 —

=> If you use or have ever thought of
using public speaking as a way to explode
your business…

=> If you have no experience at all, aren’t
comfortable speaking, or don’t know where to
give talks to get started…

=> Or if you’re experienced and want to learn
some new breakthrough techniques to get
massive sales from speaking, make sure
you register for this event…

–> http://PresentationsThatSell.com

“Presentations That Sell:
The Only Speaking System You’ll
Ever Need to Skyrocket Your Business”

I’ll be sharing with you some of the most
important details and distinctions that most
speakers get wrong or miss altogether,
costing them thousands or even hundreds of
thousands of dollars.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their
mistakes, and be prepared to shine.

–> Sign up and secure your spot now at
–> http://PresentationsThatSell.com

VALUE: $600 – Next week: Free

Can’t make that date? Be sure to sign up and
you’ll receive notification of the replay.

But… Only those on the live session will
have access to some special bonuses.

“See” you on the call!

Your friend and coach,

P.S. This training session can be the
difference between getting lots of new high
paying clients fast or having these golden
opportunities pass you by.

Register now:

http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/my-1-business-strategy-for-an-easy-multiple-6-figure-business-or-more/feed/ 0
Do you post your fees on your website? http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/do-you-post-your-fees-on-your-website/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/do-you-post-your-fees-on-your-website/#comments Thu, 08 May 2014 21:24:30 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1811 One of my business explosion coaching
clients (a coach herself) recently asked me
this question:

“Should I post my fees on my website?”

This is a great question and one that gets
asked often. The answer, I think it depends
on the coach or consultant, their audience,
and the goals for both.

There are certainly situations when having
your fees listed is a good business practice,
such as your practice is full, almost full, or
you have a waiting list of potential clients;
you have some “lower-tier”, entry-level
programs that the value and benefits are easy
to communicate in writing; or certain other

However, as a general rule for 1-on-1 coaching
or consulting, especially if you’re still working
on growing your business, I think it’s better not
to have your fees listed.

It’s much better to create a marketing system
to capture people who have an interest -
immediate or future – and respectfully move
them through a laid-out process of getting to
know you, your work and your value, while
they filter themselves in or out of being a
great client for you.

With a lot of my clients, one of the first things
we work on is raising their fees. So many
people are charging too little
but don’t know
it, or are fearful of charging more – I know,
because I’ve been there myself. Having fees
listed on their website can hurt a lot of great
client attraction, sales and pricing strategies
that have helped my clients to double, triple
or more their business, and magnify the good
they can do in the world.

As you may know, I specialize in working with
coaches, consultants and holistic practitioners
to help them explode their business.

I’d be happy to chat with you if you are
curious about attracting top clients,
communicating your pricing, or raising
your fees.

Call or email me, and we’ll get your business
moving forward quickly and easily.

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Explosion Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach
- Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, Triple or 10 X Your Business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

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Top 3 Must-Know Client Attraction Factors http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/top-3-must-know-client-attraction-factors/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/top-3-must-know-client-attraction-factors/#comments Tue, 18 Mar 2014 16:52:11 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1792 Have you noticed this?

That ineffective marketing is all around us…

It’s everywhere!

On billboards, on TV, in newspapers, at
seminars, during networking events, on
websites… everywhere.

On the other hand, I also see great marketing
all the time. Interestingly and not surprisingly,
the bad marketing is more often from companies
or business owners who are having a hard time
getting more clients.

Go figure, right?

As a marketing expert and a coach who helps
business owners, coaches and consultants to
grow their businesses exponentially, I want to
share with you my top three client attraction
factors for profitability:

1.) Know who you perfect ideal client or customer is:
- Who do you do your best work for?
- Who do you want to serve more than anyone else?
- Who gets the best results from working with or
buying from you?
- Who has the money to pay you what your products
or services are worth?

That last one isn’t as “fixed”, or as much of an
obstacle, as many people think when they are
trying to market or sell. It can be flexed and
overcome in several ways to work for both you
and your client. My clients are amazed when
I share with them some simple ways around
the “but I can’t afford it” objection.

2.) Create a very attractive, compelling and
magnetic core marketing message by knowing
your ideal client’s situation and mindset: their
deepest pains, problems and challenges – what
keeps them up at night – as well as their goals,
dreams, desires and aspirations – what do they
want more than anything else – around what your
company provides.

3.) Write this out, verbalize it, practice it and
polish it, and use it all the time – in marketing
copy, on your website, in articles, on social
media posts, while networking, during elevator
pitch sessions, and even while informally chatting
at your friend’s backyard baroque. Finding the
right opportunities to get your core marketing
message out to the world and especially your
ideal clients is by far the best marketing
investment you can make.

Knowing and articulating this to your target
market is the quickest, surest and easiest way
to build credibility and trust while getting them
eager and ready to solve their problems and
get the results, outcomes and transformations
that your product or service provides.


Need Help Getting More Clients?


If you’d like support getting clients quickly and
growing your business right now, send me an
with “Please Help Me Get Clients” in
the subject line - include your name , company
and phone number - and we’ll find a way to get
you the help you need.

Someone from my team  will reach out within a
couple of days to get you some straight forward help.

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Explosion Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, Triple or 10X Your Business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

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Business Explosion Mastermind Group http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/business-explosion-mastermind-group/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/business-explosion-mastermind-group/#comments Thu, 06 Mar 2014 23:36:38 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1779 For: Business owners, coaches, consultants and
health practitioners…

Forming now – March, 2014:

“Business Explosion Mastermind”

This unique, intimate client-attraction focused
group mixes mastermind, coaching and mentoring
to nurture, guide and support passionate business
owners to:

• Easily double, triple or even 10X your business

• Enjoy a growing, rising reputation and be seen
as one of the top experts in your field

• Cut your work hours, anxiety, stress and worry

• Feel the pride, satisfaction & amazing joy of
exploding your business while serving others and
upgrading your lifestyle

Is this just what you need to see you business explode?

See more details here:

Call or message me to see if this 6-month
step-by-step program is a fit for the growth
you deeply want for your business. We’ll
briefly talk about your goals, challenges and
see if this will help your business or practice
have an explosion like you’ve never seen before.

To your success,

Jason Rosado

Business Explosion Coach
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success

http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/business-explosion-mastermind-group/feed/ 0
Striking the right note with your business – A Client Spotlight http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/striking-the-right-note-with-your-business-a-client-spotlight/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/striking-the-right-note-with-your-business-a-client-spotlight/#comments Tue, 04 Mar 2014 23:47:38 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1777 Don’t you always love hearing about successful business owners as a source of motivation and inspiration? I do! And there’s nothing moreexciting than seeing my clients grow their businesses while enjoying life more. I feel fortunate to have been working with Clara D’Onofrio (aka “Ms. Clara”) over the past 8 months and watch her do both. As a Spotlight Client, I want to share her story so as to help you find some nuggets of advice, ideas and inspiration.

Clara is the founder of Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians, an early childhood music school that offers fun, interactive, and educational music and movement classes for children from 4 months to 4 years old. When she decided that business coaching was right for her, she had an established business, and like many entrepreneurs, she also knew she needed to take the next step in honing her business skills and getting control of her time.

Here’s what she had to say about what has changed in her business and, more importantly, her life since we started working together:

“I never in a million years dreamed I would be a business owner, but I fell in love with teaching early childhood music, and it became abundantly clear that this was my journey. Because I came into the business organically from a love of teaching music (and growing up with parents who were symphony musicians) rather than coming from a business background, I knew coaching would help me.

I’m proud of not just having a dream but getting up every single morning and making it a reality. Two and a half years ago, I hadn’t even taught my first official Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians class, and now each week over 400 children get to discover the pure joy of making music. It feels amazing to have created a career for myself that gives me the greatest gift ever – absolutely loving what I do and knowing I am truly making a positive difference in these children’s lives (note from Jason: How much fun are Clara, the parents and the kids having in this video?! Amazing!!).

Before I started working with Jason, I really wanted to expand my business but also knew I needed some outside help, especially with sales and marketing, time management, and uncovering and removing any self-imposed blocks to my own success. I frequently felt overwhelmed and like I was regularly ‘re-inventing the wheel’ in my business. It was important for me to get some processes in place and figure out how to manage my time in a way that worked for me, my business and my family.

I consider myself a highly spiritual business owner, and it helps immensely that Jason gets this. We both recognize the importance of not only working on the external (marketing, sales and other tangible ways to improve my business), but also working on the internal. I love that he offers ‘concrete’ advice while also helping me explore and clear internal issues that have gotten in the way. This includes beliefs I carry that might be holding me back, energetic blocks I sometimes unintentionally create for myself, and how my meditations and spiritual practices can greatly benefit me personally as well as in my business.

I’ve always felt good about some of the more concrete areas, like sales, but had some resistance to getting even better (forcing me to face my fears, maybe?). Jason helped me right away with expressing that I have something truly wonderful to offer families. It’s so important to not only know how good your service is in your heart but also to learn how to communicate it well, in a heartfelt, genuine, and confident manner. This has helped me with marketing and growing my email list over 50% in just a few months as well as some surprising outcomes: giving more freely of myself and my gifts, and working with my students and parents on a deeper level.

Having a truly objective voice has made a huge difference, especially since I tend to hold myself to extremely high standards, which people usually see as a strength in themselves, but now I realize it can also hold you back. Taking time each week to share my accomplishments and goals gives some breathing room around the business and allows me to take a moment to step back and celebrate my successes while also recognizing challenges and opportunities to keep focused on.

Last week, Jason and I were debriefing the winter session that had just wrapped up and planning for the upcoming spring session registration. He pointed out what I saw in the numbers but hadn’t really hit me – that I had achieved almost a 100% increase in student enrollment from a year ago. Wow! It was really great to have someone point out this important achievement that I was about to overlook in my fervor in getting ready for spring classes.

Working with Jason will not only help you grow your business, but you’ll be able to do it in way that’s more efficient and productive, and gives you more personal time. As a business owner, it’s too easy to get caught up in sacrificing your personal or family life, and Jason is great at helping you prioritize, streamline, and delegate the work that goes with owning a business so you can enjoy your life and everything in it. Working with him means having someone on your side to help you identify strengths, manage challenges, and be with you through it all.“ - Clara D’Onofrio

I’m very touched that Clara has shared this with me and with you. She, like all my clients, is truly helping to make the world a better place. My son Nate (2 ½ years old and the biggest cutie in the world, if I say so myself) has been a big fan of Ms. Clara since last summer, and he’s gotten tons of enjoyment and developmental growth from her classes! If you’re a parent of young children, I encourage you to check out her programs. She is currently offering free trial classes that are just wonderful. You can sign up here: http://www.msclarasmusic.com/free-trial/

I’m so excited for Clara and her families of budding musicians! I hope you got some great ideas to consider for growing your business – and freeing your life – from what she has shared.

Your friend and coach,
Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, triple or 10X your business quickly and easily: Help more people, make more money, work less hours & love it all.”

]]> http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/striking-the-right-note-with-your-business-a-client-spotlight/feed/ 0 3 Powerful Steps to Get New Clients from Just One Networking Introduction http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/3-powerful-steps-to-get-new-clients-from-just-one-networking-introduction/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/3-powerful-steps-to-get-new-clients-from-just-one-networking-introduction/#comments Mon, 03 Feb 2014 19:42:30 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1745 I just shared this powerful strategy with one of my
business growth coaching client (she’s kicking ass!)
and thought you might find it helpful as well.

Do you attend networking events where you have
the chance to introduce yourself to the entire group?

These opportunities are incredibly valuable for
getting clients, more than most people realize.

When was the last time you heard an introduction
that made you instantly want to know more about
that person or their product or service? What did
they say that was so powerful?

If you think through and plan out your 30-second
or 1-minute introduction with all the elements of
a powerful presentation that you would give if on

stage to a roomful of potential clients, you can get
clients in droves.

Consider some of these points from my
Presentations That Sell system that my
clients have been using for years to explode
their businesses:

=> Ask a couple “priming” questions to the group
to help each person access problems or pain points,
or massive dreams and desires in their own situation
in which you can help them

=> Tell them a quick story about how you or one
of your clients overcome a situation like theirs

=> Provide specific instructions on how they can
get into your marketing funnel, follow up with you,
or hire you on the spot. Giving some sort of free
consultation or resource is often a great strategy
for this type of event.

Implementing these alone will make a world of
difference, and there are many other things you
can do as well and really rev things up.

Stay focused, and enjoy your next event!

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, triple or 10X your business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/3-powerful-steps-to-get-new-clients-from-just-one-networking-introduction/feed/ 0
Maintaining confidence through the business dips as an entrepreneur http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/maintaining-confidence-through-the-business-dips-as-an-entrepreneur/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/maintaining-confidence-through-the-business-dips-as-an-entrepreneur/#comments Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:33:42 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1737 The key is to have a strategic plan, follow through no matter how low the lows get (although leave enough space to be flexible and recognize when something isn’t working), lean on your strengths and seek support when needed.

In other words, stay in action – focused, inspired, strategic action.

If you follow this recipe, not only will you survive the dips, but you will reach and exceed your goals, as well.

http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/maintaining-confidence-through-the-business-dips-as-an-entrepreneur/feed/ 0
Is your outdated “mental software” holding your business back? http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/is-your-outdated-mental-software-holding-your-business-back/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/is-your-outdated-mental-software-holding-your-business-back/#comments Fri, 08 Nov 2013 21:40:09 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1653 Did you get the most recent software upgrade, download, update, patch, service pack… whatever these tech folks call it these days, for… your mind??

I was working with a new client a few days ago, and I heard all sorts of “disturbing” language that she was using. No, I don’t mean swear words or anything like that.

Let me back up for a moment.

As a professionally trained coach with several years of experience, one of the things I’m really good at is seeing in my clients (even though all my client work is done via phone) what they are thinking by using highly evolved listening skills.

This helps me to find out exactly what is blocking a client from moving forward.

For example, when he says that he already knows ‘what’ to do, but just isn’t doing it, the reason is probably an internal block of some kind, and at that point I know to start asking questions to uncover the block and help him address the situation and find a workable solution.

So, getting back to my newest client, I was listening intently as she described her dreams (“dreams” was her word), and we discussed possible ways to get over her challenges and to make her dreams a reality.

But there were some major blocks in the way. I heard one or two key statements and knew right away that she was on the wrong path – that her “dream” was going to end up as more of a nightmare – a programmed response to what she thought she was ’supposed’ to want to accomplish with a business.

Here is a list of “red flag” statements that I heard:

“I could see myself doing it, I guess…”
“It wouldn’t be the worst thing…”
“I just have to get over that…”
“I should just focus on….”
“The work isn’t too boring…” (I almost fell out of my chair with that one)
“I should just do it and embrace it…”

Now taken individually and in casual conversation, these statements really don’t seem that alarming. They just sound like someone who hasn’t really found her motivation or is compromising what she wants. And I can honestly say that many years ago as a less experienced coach hearing something like this, I probably wouldn’t have known that she was going in completely the wrong direction. I probably would have thought she just needed some help to see the positives in what she was telling me, and she perhaps would have come to the same conclusion as many of us do in our daily lives.

Luckily for both of us, these days, these sorts of statements stand out like a sore thumb to me when I hear even just one uttered inconspicuously. When I hear a bunch of them in a short time frame such as during this conversation, I know we need to lift some blinders and get down to work.

So what happened?

After asking her some questions to dig deeper, my client realized that she was running “new information through her old programming.” She had built up a mental software package that allowed her to be very good at being a mom, a wife, and the head of her household, and one that let her always put others’ needs before her own.

But now, her children are grown, she’s starting a business, and she has new goals, ambitions and interests. But her old programming was only letting her process this new information in a certain way – that of someone whose needs still always come second, and the biggest block was that she was completely blind to it. She had no idea she was thinking, processing and putting together a business plan based on faulty assumptions because they were so ingrained within her and they served her very well for so many years in her “former” life but were now a detriment.

Well, after she was able to hear herself and realize what the problem was, she told me she felt completely transformed. She understood the situation of the old programming, how it was affecting her, and she came up with an action plan to “upgrade her systems.”

And wouldn’t you know it:

A few days later I received an email from her which had so much new, exciting news. In a very short time, she had come up with and initiated a plan that excited and motivated her – one that uses her true passions and skills, and she is now in the thick of moving forward with a new business that is poised to thrive!

What about you?

Is your mental software holding you back, or is it up-to-date and helping you reach the accomplishments that you say you want to achieve?

To your success,

http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/is-your-outdated-mental-software-holding-your-business-back/feed/ 0
How do you stand out while networking for business? http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/how-do-you-stand-out-while-networking-for-business/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/how-do-you-stand-out-while-networking-for-business/#comments Thu, 03 Oct 2013 14:56:39 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1639

How do you stand out while networking?

1.) Know your objectives for being at an event – Are you looking for clients? Referral partners? Vendors to make your life easier?

2.) Know what to say – Give a strong, attracting and specific hook sentence that conveys who you’re looking to meet and why they should want to talk to you, and is very warm, friendly and welcoming.

3.) Seek to be of service not sales – Before you arrive, know with certainty what you can offer to help others who you want to meet. Give freely, openly and often.

Click “Like” and Share this if you know what I’m talking about.
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Her story: From business boredom to abundant, joyous success in 45 minutes http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/her-story-from-business-boredom-to-abundant-joyous-success-in-45-minutes/ http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/her-story-from-business-boredom-to-abundant-joyous-success-in-45-minutes/#comments Wed, 11 Sep 2013 18:22:19 +0000 Jason Rosado http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/?p=1634 I want to share with you this amazing story of abundance, joy and contentment I just had the pleasure of experiencing with one of my business growth coaching clients (she’s also a coach, and has been in business six years). I’m very grateful for being able to take part in her achievement today and want to share it with you in the hopes it brightens your day, and inspires and motivates you to achieve everything you want in your business and life.

She’s a client who has been working with me for about a year. Earlier in that time she reached her profit, client and work hours goals and created her ideal business. She has been extremely happy with her achievements, income and lifestyle upgrades. We completed our initial coaching a few months ago, and she’s decided that we keep working together for additional growth and support.

After having attained everything she wanted, feeling peace and security, going on a long, exotic family vacation, she’s come home, gotten back into the business groove and was “chugging along with all systems normal.” But then she started to feel unchallenged, bored and basically in a rut because everything with her practice had become so smooth and easy (I know… poor her! :) ).

Today she came to our session hoping for, and expecting, a pop of energy and twist of perspective to keep her going normally.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, in about 45 minutes we came up with a new plan for her business (with very little change). It serves the same client base with the same core offerings and fits her mission of service and purpose to a “T”. It also:

- Increases her income (again)
- Offers her clients a great discount on their investment in working with her
- Helps her gain more money upfront while working with new clients
- Provides a long-term and deeper level of support for her clients (again)
- Simultaneously decreases but also reenergizes and reinvigorates the sales activities that were once exciting but had become
draining and de-motivating to her
- Helps her clients and potential clients to see even greater benefits and value in working with her
- Reduces the number of overall clients that she needs to serve for a full practice
- Makes her sales process easier and more efficient (again)
- Reduces her work hours (even more)
- Increases her earnings per hour (yep – again)
- Gives her more flexibility with deciding how many clients she wants to work with at any given time
- Gives her tons of fresh excitement, anticipation and motivation moving forward

Again, congrats to this particular client – you know who you are – I can’t wait to hear the ongoing developments of your “new” and improved, amazing and world-changing business! And I hope your dedication and success inspires countless others to live the life, and create the business, of their dreams – because it’s not only possible, it’s the best thing for you and those you serve.

To living all your successes,
http://www.distinctivecoaching.com/her-story-from-business-boredom-to-abundant-joyous-success-in-45-minutes/feed/ 0