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Her story: From business boredom to abundant, joyous success in 45 minutes

I want to share with you this amazing story of abundance, joy and contentment I just had the pleasure of experiencing with one of my business growth coaching clients (she’s also a coach, and has been in business six years). I’m very grateful for being able to take part in her achievement today and want to share it with you in the hopes it brightens your day, and inspires and motivates you to achieve everything you want in your business and life.

She’s a client who has been working with me for about a year. Earlier in that time she reached her profit, client and work hours goals and created her ideal business. She has been extremely happy with her achievements, income and lifestyle upgrades. We completed our initial coaching a few months ago, and she’s decided that we keep working together for additional growth and support.

After having attained everything she wanted, feeling peace and security, going on a long, exotic family vacation, she’s come home, gotten back into the business groove and was “chugging along with all systems normal.” But then she started to feel unchallenged, bored and basically in a rut because everything with her practice had become so smooth and easy (I know… poor her! :) ).

Today she came to our session hoping for, and expecting, a pop of energy and twist of perspective to keep her going normally.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, in about 45 minutes we came up with a new plan for her business (with very little change). It serves the same client base with the same core offerings and fits her mission of service and purpose to a “T”. It also:

- Increases her income (again)
- Offers her clients a great discount on their investment in working with her
- Helps her gain more money upfront while working with new clients
- Provides a long-term and deeper level of support for her clients (again)
- Simultaneously decreases but also reenergizes and reinvigorates the sales activities that were once exciting but had become
draining and de-motivating to her
- Helps her clients and potential clients to see even greater benefits and value in working with her
- Reduces the number of overall clients that she needs to serve for a full practice
- Makes her sales process easier and more efficient (again)
- Reduces her work hours (even more)
- Increases her earnings per hour (yep – again)
- Gives her more flexibility with deciding how many clients she wants to work with at any given time
- Gives her tons of fresh excitement, anticipation and motivation moving forward

Again, congrats to this particular client – you know who you are – I can’t wait to hear the ongoing developments of your “new” and improved, amazing and world-changing business! And I hope your dedication and success inspires countless others to live the life, and create the business, of their dreams – because it’s not only possible, it’s the best thing for you and those you serve.

To living all your successes,

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