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How to time travel and have a “do-over” in your business every week

I just saw a very quirky video on YouTube that was kind of funny and very interesting (and the accent is pretty cool, too).

But the really impressive thing to me was that it got me thinking about my clients, and how they would make a similar video – or actually, wouldn’t need to.

Check this out:

Now imagine if “Past Natalie” never made her blunders, because she thought through all of her wanted results, action steps, possible outcomes, impacts. rewards and consequences ahead of time – so she wouldn’t have to live these action (or inaction) errors and use hindsight to see it was the wrong move?

Confused a little bit by that?

Let me clarify…

10 Minutes to Brand New Business Success

My business coaching clients use a variety of methods to avoid “trial and error” with their sales, marketing and even employee growth that costs time and keeps them stuck, or worse – moving backwards.

And, they use one tool in particular once a week (takes about 10 minutes) that is absolutely great for solving this problem - saving them hours which otherwise add up to months of lost and wasted time and productivity thereby – increasing their effectiveness with building their business, and keeping their motivation and momentum high to achieve superior results.

If you are interested in hearing how business coaching with me can help you get rid of your own “Future [insert your name here]” that shows up to tell you about a past misstep, give me a call or shoot me an email with your phone number and ask for a 10 Minute Time and Energy Business-Explosion Laser Session (I’m only making 5 of these available for the coming week).

Let’s talk for 10 minutes about your business and find a few new ways for you to save time and energy that makes you more money, security and happiness with your business.

To your success,


P.S. Don’t wait – this chance for your 10 Minute Time and Energy Business-Explosion Laser Session is only during this next week, and only 5 spots are available. So contact me now. 773-829-1276 or Jason(at)

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success

“Helping service providers, consultants and health practitioners to make the important jump from ‘Small Business Owner’ to Successful CEO so you can get more clients, make more money, work less hours, and love your business.”

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