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Marketing, sales and changing the world – in 3 easy steps

“Your time to contribute and triumph is here”

For service-based business owners and health practitioners who are passionate experts in their field, there is a simple formula for building a very wealthy business and at the same time being a positive force to change the world:

  1. Marketing is the filter that brings people who are the right fit as clients to you.
  2. Sales is the process that helps guide these people (and really the two of you) to see if it makes sense to work together.
  3. By using strategic, focused and service-based “giving” models of marketing and sales, you can provide tons of value out to people who need your help; and you can change the world and feel great without charging anyone a single dime.

That’s right – you can change the world – and absolutely love it.

So how do you get to that very wealthy business, you ask?

Contact me now for free support to get your marketing, sales and business systems set to give you and the world much more.

When you do the above steps, you also end up attracting people that want to hire you and will:

  • Love working with you
  • Be your very best clients
  • Pay you everything that you deserve and everything that you’re worth
  • Get the very best results from working with you, and they’ll
  • Feel great about telling others that they need to work with you, too.

This is a true “Win-Win-Win-Win”:

You – Your clients – Their friends and family – The rest of the world

If you are a passionate, heart-centered, caring and expert service provider, you are probably already doing some of these steps.

It’s in your nature, and you can’t help it.

That’s a really great thing for the growth of your business.

And if you’re doing well with it, keep doing what you’re doing, and please share your successes – leave a comment below that can help others with ideas and inspiration.

But if you’re one of the many right now that things aren’t going as well as you want, you might not be doing all of these three steps or not doing them to the degree or accuracy that will get you the clients and the work schedule you dearly want – that you went into business to get in the first place.

If this is the case for you, and you want to take a look to see what you should be doing differently or better, then contact me and I will guide you to some of my best resources (yes, for free), because I, too, am on a mission to change the world by helping you provide your knowledge, skills, compassion and expertise to those that need it, while also helping you to build a thriving, world-changing business practice that makes you immensely proud and prosperous.

Contact me now for free support to get your marketing, sales and business systems set to give you and the world much more.

To your success,


“Helping passionate business owners and practitioners who are frustrated with the slow growth of their business and the amount of time spent going in too many different directions – to turn it all around and feel security, pride and satisfaction as you help more clients, make more money, work less hours and absolutely love it all.”

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success

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