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My #1 business strategy for an easy multiple 6-figure business (or more)

A couple years ago, one of my clients said:

“Jason, for years, I’ve been wanting to do
speaking for my business as a way to get
more exposure, get more clients, and also
to get paid for doing workshops.

“I know I have a lot to offer, and there’s
a lot of money in it.

“But… I’m scared to do it. I get really nervous.
And I keep thinking about all the events I’ve
been to over the years, and most of them

“I’d say about 75% weren’t worth the money
or time I spent to go there.

“20% were Ok, but I didn’t get a lot out of them.

“And only 5% were good enough that I was
happy that I went.”

My reply to Jim was simple:

“Then let’s get you into that 5% and without
any anxiety or fear, starting right now.”

You see, even with no prior experience, being
in the elite 5% of speakers, creating a raving
audience and getting paid multiple thousands
of dollars by selling your services, programs
or products is actually really easy to do.

The problem is that even experienced
presenters make a costly mistake or two
along the way in planning or delivering their
talks – or often both.

But these mistakes are easily correctable
before the event, no matter your level of
experience, your comfort level with speaking,
or even the size of your audience, and I’ve
been helping clients do this for years.

Short, powerful talks to small groups can
yield thousands of dollars or more if you
become familiar with a few key points that
lead to huge returns and lots of success.
I do these all the time – 30 minutes, 20
minutes, 15 minutes and sometimes even
two minutes or less, and they are incredible
money makers.

And I LOVE seeing my clients do them, too.
In fact, I love seeing ALL passionate, caring
business owners do them. Because if you
are passionate and caring about serving your
clients, you already have the critical
foundation in place to be really successful.

And that’s why I’m hosting a very special
online event in a few days…

— Previously $600 —

=> If you use or have ever thought of
using public speaking as a way to explode
your business…

=> If you have no experience at all, aren’t
comfortable speaking, or don’t know where to
give talks to get started…

=> Or if you’re experienced and want to learn
some new breakthrough techniques to get
massive sales from speaking, make sure
you register for this event…


“Presentations That Sell:
The Only Speaking System You’ll
Ever Need to Skyrocket Your Business”

I’ll be sharing with you some of the most
important details and distinctions that most
speakers get wrong or miss altogether,
costing them thousands or even hundreds of
thousands of dollars.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their
mistakes, and be prepared to shine.

–> Sign up and secure your spot now at

VALUE: $600 – Next week: Free

Can’t make that date? Be sure to sign up and
you’ll receive notification of the replay.

But… Only those on the live session will
have access to some special bonuses.

“See” you on the call!

Your friend and coach,

P.S. This training session can be the
difference between getting lots of new high
paying clients fast or having these golden
opportunities pass you by.

Register now:

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