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Striking the right note with your business – A Client Spotlight

Don’t you always love hearing about successful business owners as a source of motivation and inspiration? I do! And there’s nothing moreexciting than seeing my clients grow their businesses while enjoying life more. I feel fortunate to have been working with Clara D’Onofrio (aka “Ms. Clara”) over the past 8 months and watch her do both. As a Spotlight Client, I want to share her story so as to help you find some nuggets of advice, ideas and inspiration.

Clara is the founder of Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians, an early childhood music school that offers fun, interactive, and educational music and movement classes for children from 4 months to 4 years old. When she decided that business coaching was right for her, she had an established business, and like many entrepreneurs, she also knew she needed to take the next step in honing her business skills and getting control of her time.

Here’s what she had to say about what has changed in her business and, more importantly, her life since we started working together:

“I never in a million years dreamed I would be a business owner, but I fell in love with teaching early childhood music, and it became abundantly clear that this was my journey. Because I came into the business organically from a love of teaching music (and growing up with parents who were symphony musicians) rather than coming from a business background, I knew coaching would help me.

I’m proud of not just having a dream but getting up every single morning and making it a reality. Two and a half years ago, I hadn’t even taught my first official Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians class, and now each week over 400 children get to discover the pure joy of making music. It feels amazing to have created a career for myself that gives me the greatest gift ever – absolutely loving what I do and knowing I am truly making a positive difference in these children’s lives (note from Jason: How much fun are Clara, the parents and the kids having in this video?! Amazing!!).

Before I started working with Jason, I really wanted to expand my business but also knew I needed some outside help, especially with sales and marketing, time management, and uncovering and removing any self-imposed blocks to my own success. I frequently felt overwhelmed and like I was regularly ‘re-inventing the wheel’ in my business. It was important for me to get some processes in place and figure out how to manage my time in a way that worked for me, my business and my family.

I consider myself a highly spiritual business owner, and it helps immensely that Jason gets this. We both recognize the importance of not only working on the external (marketing, sales and other tangible ways to improve my business), but also working on the internal. I love that he offers ‘concrete’ advice while also helping me explore and clear internal issues that have gotten in the way. This includes beliefs I carry that might be holding me back, energetic blocks I sometimes unintentionally create for myself, and how my meditations and spiritual practices can greatly benefit me personally as well as in my business.

I’ve always felt good about some of the more concrete areas, like sales, but had some resistance to getting even better (forcing me to face my fears, maybe?). Jason helped me right away with expressing that I have something truly wonderful to offer families. It’s so important to not only know how good your service is in your heart but also to learn how to communicate it well, in a heartfelt, genuine, and confident manner. This has helped me with marketing and growing my email list over 50% in just a few months as well as some surprising outcomes: giving more freely of myself and my gifts, and working with my students and parents on a deeper level.

Having a truly objective voice has made a huge difference, especially since I tend to hold myself to extremely high standards, which people usually see as a strength in themselves, but now I realize it can also hold you back. Taking time each week to share my accomplishments and goals gives some breathing room around the business and allows me to take a moment to step back and celebrate my successes while also recognizing challenges and opportunities to keep focused on.

Last week, Jason and I were debriefing the winter session that had just wrapped up and planning for the upcoming spring session registration. He pointed out what I saw in the numbers but hadn’t really hit me – that I had achieved almost a 100% increase in student enrollment from a year ago. Wow! It was really great to have someone point out this important achievement that I was about to overlook in my fervor in getting ready for spring classes.

Working with Jason will not only help you grow your business, but you’ll be able to do it in way that’s more efficient and productive, and gives you more personal time. As a business owner, it’s too easy to get caught up in sacrificing your personal or family life, and Jason is great at helping you prioritize, streamline, and delegate the work that goes with owning a business so you can enjoy your life and everything in it. Working with him means having someone on your side to help you identify strengths, manage challenges, and be with you through it all.“ - Clara D’Onofrio

I’m very touched that Clara has shared this with me and with you. She, like all my clients, is truly helping to make the world a better place. My son Nate (2 ½ years old and the biggest cutie in the world, if I say so myself) has been a big fan of Ms. Clara since last summer, and he’s gotten tons of enjoyment and developmental growth from her classes! If you’re a parent of young children, I encourage you to check out her programs. She is currently offering free trial classes that are just wonderful. You can sign up here:

I’m so excited for Clara and her families of budding musicians! I hope you got some great ideas to consider for growing your business – and freeing your life – from what she has shared.

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, triple or 10X your business quickly and easily: Help more people, make more money, work less hours & love it all.”

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