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How to time travel and have a “do-over” in your business every week

I just saw a very quirky video on YouTube that was kind of funny and very interesting (and the accent is pretty cool, too).
But the really impressive thing to me was that it got me thinking about my clients, and how they would make a similar video – or actually, wouldn’t need to.
Check this out:

Now [...]

The 5 Step “Secret Recipe” that Could Make or Break Your Service Business

We’re a third of the way into the new year.
Yet so many small business owners are having a really hard time just making a go of it this year, let alone setting up the work/life balance and time freedom that they wanted and went into business for in the first place…
As a business owner, you [...]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!
I hope you enjoy this video and music as much as I did.

All the best,
P.S. I thought about talking about how your business team is very similar. It needs everyone to be in sync – sales, marketing, operations, service, management, external support, etc. to be harmonious and really strong and successful. And how [...]

“Fantastic 5 Keys to Delivering a Kick-Ass, Sales-Generating Presentation”

One of the single best ways to connect with potential clients in a way that they get to understand how you can help them is to speak to groups of people – a very powerful way for others to get to know, like and trust you.
This can be done in person via speaking engagements, workshops, [...]

Is speaking really one of the best ways to market your business?

As many of my clients know, one great way to market yourself and make more sales for your business is to speak in front of an audience.
You can learn to do workshops, teleclasses and keynotes much more easily than you might realize.
“But public speaking scares me to death!”
Even those of you that get terrified at the thought [...]

Q: How can business coaching really help me explode my business?

Q: How can business coaching really help me explode my business? What are the tangible, measurable results? I want to know how this is a great investment of my time and money.
A: That’s an awesome and very valid question. I always look at any business opportunity or investment as what’s going to be the bottom-line [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Avoiding burnout for us entrepreneurs is key to having a strong, thriving business and happy life:
1.) Create your vision fully – List all the details, all the motivators and consequences of not attaining the vision
2.) Strategize your actions and make sure they are inspired actions – Productivity steps that energize and excite you. Don’t get [...]