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What can a Grapefruit can teach us about Business Growth?

I was eating a delicious grapefruit this morning; very much enjoying it. Then I came upon a few seeds that I had to dig out and set aside to keep going.
I didn’t mind this. It didn’t bother me at all.
It actually made me start thinking.
What a wonderful symbiotic relationship that exists in nature; animals get to [...]

Get More Referrals in Two Easy Steps

The Small Biz TIP of the DAY is up at 
Want to GET MORE REFERRALS from your current clients?
Here’s how in TWO EASY STEPS that you CAN DO TODAY…
1.) Start a dialog with the question, “What has been the most helpful for you about our work together so far?”
Asking this question helps to reaffirm and reinforce the value [...]

Increasing Your Sales Call Effectiveness and Baseball – What Do They Have in Common?

The other day someone asked me what the goal of a sales call should be. And it got me thinking about baseball.
Even if you’re not a baseball fan, stick with me here. I’m talking about how to implement your sales game plan to gear up for a long, successful season.
Actually, I’m more of a football [...]

Is speaking really one of the best ways to market your business?

As many of my clients know, one great way to market yourself and make more sales for your business is to speak in front of an audience.
You can learn to do workshops, teleclasses and keynotes much more easily than you might realize.
“But public speaking scares me to death!”
Even those of you that get terrified at the thought [...]

Bad publicity? Nah… just ask Ron Artest. Then grab a drink and listen up.

A story from today’s Sports section of the Chicago Sun-Times made me think back to an interesting marketing lesson I learned in my early 20’s.
You see, one of my former bosses – a small business owner himself – used to say “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”
So one day he was ecstatic when we [...]

May I Repeat?: “You MUST REPEAT!”

The below was posted by Vincent Wright, on 
I love his perspective, and his message is spot-on, so I thought I would pass it along.
This is really important to keep in mind not only for online networking, but offline as well. It’s important to keep going to the same networking groups regularly, get to know [...]