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What can a Grapefruit can teach us about Business Growth?

I was eating a delicious grapefruit this morning; very much enjoying it. Then I came upon a few seeds that I had to dig out and set aside to keep going.
I didn’t mind this. It didn’t bother me at all.
It actually made me start thinking.
What a wonderful symbiotic relationship that exists in nature; animals get to [...]

Marketing, sales and changing the world – in 3 easy steps

“Your time to contribute and triumph is here”
For service-based business owners and health practitioners who are passionate experts in their field, there is a simple formula for building a very wealthy business and at the same time being a positive force to change the world:

Marketing is the filter that brings people who are the right fit as [...]

The 5 Step “Secret Recipe” that Could Make or Break Your Service Business

We’re a third of the way into the new year.
Yet so many small business owners are having a really hard time just making a go of it this year, let alone setting up the work/life balance and time freedom that they wanted and went into business for in the first place…
As a business owner, you [...]

Three Sales Lessons to Stop Missing Out on Tons of New Clients That Want to Hire You

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but it sure happens to me all the time.
This even happened yesterday when I met someone that I was very interested in having speak at one of my networking events for small business owners. But you see…
She unknowingly messed it all up in a big way and [...]

Are you making a HUGE FACEBOOK MISTAKE that can cost your business BIG TIME?

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people setting up a second Facebook profile that they intend to use as a “professional profile”, so that they can keep their personal one for connecting with Friends and Family, and their professional profile for business and career use.
On the surface, this makes some sense, especially for people that [...]

How hot (or cold) is your business going to get?

It’s zero degrees in Chicago this morning.
But the weather is looking up. I checked the daily and monthly averages, because I am getting really tired of this cold. I can’t wait for it to warm up!
January is the coldest month of the year for my area. And on average, January 20th is the coldest day of [...]

“Fantastic 5 Keys to Delivering a Kick-Ass, Sales-Generating Presentation”

One of the single best ways to connect with potential clients in a way that they get to understand how you can help them is to speak to groups of people – a very powerful way for others to get to know, like and trust you.
This can be done in person via speaking engagements, workshops, [...]

The Three-Step Business Networking Formula: Common Sense or “Midas Magic”?

Last night I was at another business networking event where everyone was trying to sell me and only talk about their business. It felt like I was getting “pitched to death,” and a few times all I could think was, “I’d never do business with you…”
So here’s the question:
“Are these events – or ‘pitch fests’ – really worthwhile?”
Why did I [...]

Get More Referrals in Two Easy Steps

The Small Biz TIP of the DAY is up at 
Want to GET MORE REFERRALS from your current clients?
Here’s how in TWO EASY STEPS that you CAN DO TODAY…
1.) Start a dialog with the question, “What has been the most helpful for you about our work together so far?”
Asking this question helps to reaffirm and reinforce the value [...]

Really Simple Definition of Marketing

Authentic Marketing = Share your passion with others and help them reap the benefits.