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The 5 Step “Secret Recipe” that Could Make or Break Your Service Business

We’re a third of the way into the new year.
Yet so many small business owners are having a really hard time just making a go of it this year, let alone setting up the work/life balance and time freedom that they wanted and went into business for in the first place…
As a business owner, you [...]

The One Business Skill You Must Master

My wife and I had our first baby just seven months ago. It’s completely changed our lives. It’s wonderful, incredible, and joyous… and at times stressful, tiring and frustrating.
And “little Nate” cries quite a bit and quite loudly too.
His crying lets us know that he’s unhappy, uncomfortable, afraid, or that he wants something.
But we really [...]

Leadership and the life cycle of a movement

True Leadership: Building a brialliant movement can start with “one lone nut and a follower.”

Please discuss….