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What can a Grapefruit can teach us about Business Growth?

I was eating a delicious grapefruit this morning; very much enjoying it. Then I came upon a few seeds that I had to dig out and set aside to keep going.
I didn’t mind this. It didn’t bother me at all.
It actually made me start thinking.
What a wonderful symbiotic relationship that exists in nature; animals get to [...]

Q: What is the best “client-getting” strategy?

Every small business owner asks themselves this question - usually more often that not.
I’m happy to say that recently a number of past clients have contacted and hired me again to help them with this very question, to get down pat the skills, strategies, motivations and action plans needed to make it happen. That’s always a wonderful [...]

Online marketing, Social networking and Client attraction for Sales success

I have just read several blogs that deal with all these topics. Some were suggestions, some were rants, and others were just ideas to help others with sales.
I am a huge believer in networking and “mutually beneficial marketing”! I write articles, give teleclasses and live seminars. These are all forms of marketing and gaining [...]