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Her story: From business boredom to abundant, joyous success in 45 minutes

I want to share with you this amazing story of abundance, joy and contentment I just had the pleasure of experiencing with one of my business growth coaching clients (she’s also a coach, and has been in business six years). I’m very grateful for being able to take part in her achievement today and want [...]

Marketing, sales and changing the world – in 3 easy steps

“Your time to contribute and triumph is here”
For service-based business owners and health practitioners who are passionate experts in their field, there is a simple formula for building a very wealthy business and at the same time being a positive force to change the world:

Marketing is the filter that brings people who are the right fit as [...]

How to time travel and have a “do-over” in your business every week

I just saw a very quirky video on YouTube that was kind of funny and very interesting (and the accent is pretty cool, too).
But the really impressive thing to me was that it got me thinking about my clients, and how they would make a similar video – or actually, wouldn’t need to.
Check this out:

Now [...]

The 5 Step “Secret Recipe” that Could Make or Break Your Service Business

We’re a third of the way into the new year.
Yet so many small business owners are having a really hard time just making a go of it this year, let alone setting up the work/life balance and time freedom that they wanted and went into business for in the first place…
As a business owner, you [...]

With economic recovery, should small business owners raise their prices?

I don’t think there is one overall correct answer, as it depends on so many variables.
Here is the article that sparked this current debate:
I agree with Susan’s comment in the article that people will spend money if they see the value in what you’re offering.
Value is measured in three dimensions:
- Price vs. monetary resources [...]

10 Business Building Holiday Networking Tips to Bring You Lots of Cheer

Well… Here come the holidays, and in full force.
I don’t know about you, but my schedule is BUSY… jam-packed, full to the brim. There are networking events, association and chamber meetings, family gatherings, friends’ parties, Facebook events, Evites… Oh my head!
This can be a very interesting time of the year for many small businesses (and tough for [...]

“Fantastic 5 Keys to Delivering a Kick-Ass, Sales-Generating Presentation”

One of the single best ways to connect with potential clients in a way that they get to understand how you can help them is to speak to groups of people – a very powerful way for others to get to know, like and trust you.
This can be done in person via speaking engagements, workshops, [...]

FRIDAY “Tip of the Day”: Miracle Marketing Messaging

Whether you market B2B or B2C, make sure you speak to the benefits of your services beyond the obvious.
How do they impact your client personally? By having more time with family, less stress, higher income, better health, more energy?
Those are the kinds of motivators/drivers that appeal to potential clients and that they really [...]

A Bit of Swagger Video and Special Free Offer for Your Small Business Sales & Marketing

“I don’t teach swagger to Hollywood stars. But…”
I do make sure that your small business coaching gives you
all you need to know to have your small biz “killa swagga” – so you can
get more clients, make more money, and enjoy more time and freedom! 
Does your sales and marketing have it’s own unique style and zip?
Does it make [...]

The one best thing to do to explode your business!

Last night while channel-surfing, I came across a broadcast of a seminar on weight loss being presented in a huge auditorium. There were probably 1,000 people in the audience.
The presenter was giving very helpful information on the proper nutrition, diet and mindset needed to lose weight. It was very motivating, uplifting and moving. But…
I thought [...]