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Is your outdated “mental software” holding your business back?

Did you get the most recent software upgrade, download, update, patch, service pack… whatever these tech folks call it these days, for… your mind??
I was working with a new client a few days ago, and I heard all sorts of “disturbing” language that she was using. No, I don’t mean swear words or anything like [...]

The 5 Step “Secret Recipe” that Could Make or Break Your Service Business

We’re a third of the way into the new year.
Yet so many small business owners are having a really hard time just making a go of it this year, let alone setting up the work/life balance and time freedom that they wanted and went into business for in the first place…
As a business owner, you [...]

The One Business Skill You Must Master

My wife and I had our first baby just seven months ago. It’s completely changed our lives. It’s wonderful, incredible, and joyous… and at times stressful, tiring and frustrating.
And “little Nate” cries quite a bit and quite loudly too.
His crying lets us know that he’s unhappy, uncomfortable, afraid, or that he wants something.
But we really [...]

“Fantastic 5 Keys to Delivering a Kick-Ass, Sales-Generating Presentation”

One of the single best ways to connect with potential clients in a way that they get to understand how you can help them is to speak to groups of people – a very powerful way for others to get to know, like and trust you.
This can be done in person via speaking engagements, workshops, [...]

Q: What is the best “client-getting” strategy?

Every small business owner asks themselves this question - usually more often that not.
I’m happy to say that recently a number of past clients have contacted and hired me again to help them with this very question, to get down pat the skills, strategies, motivations and action plans needed to make it happen. That’s always a wonderful [...]

What’s your one little action that will turn it all around?

I just got done with a coaching call with one of my favorite clients. I love this guy (as I do all my clients!) because he is a really genuine person, cares about others and wants to make his business truly incredible.
And I want to share something very interesting from our session today… 
We are working [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Avoiding burnout for us entrepreneurs is key to having a strong, thriving business and happy life:
1.) Create your vision fully – List all the details, all the motivators and consequences of not attaining the vision
2.) Strategize your actions and make sure they are inspired actions – Productivity steps that energize and excite you. Don’t get [...]

Online marketing, Social networking and Client attraction for Sales success

I have just read several blogs that deal with all these topics. Some were suggestions, some were rants, and others were just ideas to help others with sales.
I am a huge believer in networking and “mutually beneficial marketing”! I write articles, give teleclasses and live seminars. These are all forms of marketing and gaining [...]