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Top 3 Must-Know Client Attraction Factors

Have you noticed this?

That ineffective marketing is all around us…

It’s everywhere!

On billboards, on TV, in newspapers, at
seminars, during networking events, on
websites… everywhere.

On the other hand, I also see great marketing
all the time. Interestingly and not surprisingly,
the bad marketing is more often from companies
or business owners who are having a hard time
getting more clients.

Go figure, right?

As a marketing expert and a coach who helps
business owners, coaches and consultants to
grow their businesses exponentially, I want to
share with you my top three client attraction
factors for profitability:

1.) Know who you perfect ideal client or customer is:
- Who do you do your best work for?
- Who do you want to serve more than anyone else?
- Who gets the best results from working with or
buying from you?
- Who has the money to pay you what your products
or services are worth?

That last one isn’t as “fixed”, or as much of an
obstacle, as many people think when they are
trying to market or sell. It can be flexed and
overcome in several ways to work for both you
and your client. My clients are amazed when
I share with them some simple ways around
the “but I can’t afford it” objection.

2.) Create a very attractive, compelling and
magnetic core marketing message by knowing
your ideal client’s situation and mindset: their
deepest pains, problems and challenges – what
keeps them up at night – as well as their goals,
dreams, desires and aspirations – what do they
want more than anything else – around what your
company provides.

3.) Write this out, verbalize it, practice it and
polish it, and use it all the time – in marketing
copy, on your website, in articles, on social
media posts, while networking, during elevator
pitch sessions, and even while informally chatting
at your friend’s backyard baroque. Finding the
right opportunities to get your core marketing
message out to the world and especially your
ideal clients is by far the best marketing
investment you can make.

Knowing and articulating this to your target
market is the quickest, surest and easiest way
to build credibility and trust while getting them
eager and ready to solve their problems and
get the results, outcomes and transformations
that your product or service provides.


Need Help Getting More Clients?


If you’d like support getting clients quickly and
growing your business right now, send me an
with “Please Help Me Get Clients” in
the subject line - include your name , company
and phone number - and we’ll find a way to get
you the help you need.

Someone from my team  will reach out within a
couple of days to get you some straight forward help.

Your friend and coach,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Explosion Coach
Certified Extraordinary Coach – Highest Designation
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success
(773) 829-1276

“Double, Triple or 10X Your Business quickly
and easily: Help more people, make more
money, work less hours & love it all.”

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