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What can a Grapefruit can teach us about Business Growth?

I was eating a delicious grapefruit this morning; very much enjoying it. Then I came upon a few seeds that I had to dig out and set aside to keep going.

I didn’t mind this. It didn’t bother me at all.

It actually made me start thinking.

What a wonderful symbiotic relationship that exists in nature; animals get to eat this wonderful, tasty fruit, get vitamin C, fiber, and countless other nutrients that they need to stay healthy, and the grapefruit tree gets its seeds dispersed with natural fertilizer, to help its own procreation.

“Just like with a successful business, nature creates the
ultimate win-win or give-give relationship”

And as with many observances in my life, my mind shifted to the business-related aspect.

It made me think about how successful business owners work together to create “wonderful symbiotic relationships” for their own business growth.

In fact, the other day I was working with a new client – a chiropractor – on how she can quickly and easily use networking to grow her business, even though she had been to many networking events over the past year with very little client attraction (almost none) to show for it.

I told her about the “Power Partners Strategy of Networking” to create powerful referral relationships – finding others with whom you share the same audience but aren’t direct competitors, so you can easily send referrals back and forth.

Creating these relationships are win-win-win (you, your referral partner, and the client or patient who gets a great resource to help them further reach their important life goals).

Not only that, but when you refer someone, you get other benefits:

  • Your likeability soars, because you are seen as someone who is willing to help out in a pinch
  • Your reputation grows as one of the “go-to” people when someone has a need (this keeps you top-of-mind with your prospects as well!)
  • You feel great, because you have just helped out two other people
  • You are deepening valuable relationships and creating goodwill with others that can refer people to you

This is why I want to share with and invite you to join any (or all) of the following Chicago Area Business Growth Networking groups. There are over 1300 local business owners represented in these three groups, and growing.

There have been many, many success stories of business breakthroughs in building partnerships, getting new clients, learning new techniques in sales, marketing, organizational development, leadership, personal productivity and other business success areas from those that have attended the free events in these groups:

Chicago Business Development Forum

Oak Park Area Small Business Owners

Chicagoland Holistic Practitioners Network

My passion and mission are to help passionate, expert entrepreneurs get what they want most – to sky-rocket their business success and leverage their time, so they can enjoy both business and life as they are mean to be enjoyed.

For our events, this means that we don’t run them to make money (most of our events are free), or just to create a buzz with “pack the place mega-events” that can be disjointed, “generic” and a waste of time.

But instead we strive and work very hard to make sure each individual who attends walks out with immediately useful ideas, skills and connections, and make sure they are extremely happy they went. We accomplish this in several different ways during the events.

Currently, we are working on business growth and networking events for all three groups in the next month that will focus on helping you make priceless connections and learn powerful new business skills and cutting-edge tactics.

Just sign-up for the group(s) that you feel you’ll get the most benefit, then watch as we send out more information about these events and other awesome free surprise gifts we have planned for members in the coming weeks.

And don’t forget – grapefruits are not only tasty, but great at creating win-win relationships as well.

Join us to do the same and watch your business take-off.

To your success and happiness,


“Helping passionate business owners and practitioners who are frustrated with the slow growth of their business and the amount of time spent going in too many different directions – to turn it all around and feel security, pride and satisfaction as you help more clients, make more money, work less hours and absolutely love it all.”

Jason E. Rosado
Business Growth Coach
Distinctive Coaching for Business Success

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